At least once placed 2nd or 3rd in a Group or Listed race. Winner of at least one Group or Listed race.
Race record

green medi MALE PS BAI foaled 26/04/2010 ; CALVADOS (14430)  
Training status MLLE Y. VOLLMER Under the racing colours of MME SYLVIA A. STARK
Breeder A. FORDE Eligible to breeder's premium Oui /    Qualified EBF : Yes
PLAT au 31/12/2013: 300; au 31/12/2012: 415;Dernière valeur: 250 le 21/08/2014 à DEAUVILLE 
La valeur est une valeur ponctuelle, susceptible d'évoluer à tout moment. La valeur des chevaux courant aux Caraïbes est surévaluée de 30 kg.

Indemnités de transport restantes pour 2014 : 246 Euros

Quick record

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RaceVict.Plc.Win.priz.Prize plcTot.priz.Priz & prem.Vict./runn.Plc / runBreed'premiumAverage purse/yearRaceVict.Plc.
2014PLAT / Plat100508.7008.70014.26800.51.996870000
2013PLAT / Plat181109.50026.25035.75058.6300.060.568.2031.986000
2012PLAT / Plat8158.00020.45028.45049.7860.130.636.9693.556000


21/08/14 STARK 0600058BADEL DEAUVILLE (Premium)PSF. 1900PHAND. E21.000VOLLMER 250
31/07/14 STARK 1100058LEMAITRE VICHY (Premium)1600PHAND. G16.000VOLLMER 255
18/07/14 STARK 0595060821857LEMAITRE CHANTILLY (Premium)PSF. 1600PHAND. E19.000VOLLMER 265
24/06/14 STARK 1300058LEMAITRE MAIS-LAFFITTE (Premium)2000PHAND. E19.000VOLLMER 270
06/06/14 STARK 023.8002.43287258LEMAITRE COMPIEGNE (Premium)2000PHAND. E19.000VOLLMER 270
27/05/14 STARK 0580051218356PRAT STRASBOURG (Premium)1400PHAND. G16.000VOLLMER 270
16/05/14 STARK 032.4001.53655160LEMAITRE CHANTILLY (Premium)PSF. 1600PHAND. G16.000VOLLMER 270
03/05/14 STARK 0575048017258LEFEBVRE LYON LA SOIE (Premium)PSF. 1800PHAND. G15.000VOLLMER 270
24/04/14 STARK 0800053LEMAITRE LYON PARILLY (Premium)1600PHAND. E18.000VOLLMER 270
22/03/14 STARK 0600055LEMAITRE STRASBOURG (Premium)2000PHAND. G16.000VOLLMER 280
24/08/13 STARK 0700057BOUDOT CLAIREFONTAINE (Premium)1600PHAND. F23.000VOLLMER 300
02/08/13 STARK 0800055FOREST VICHY (Premium)1600PHAND. F20.000VOLLMER 305
17/07/13 STARK 042.0001.28045955PRAT VICHY (Premium)1600PHAND. F20.000VOLLMER 305 
29/06/13 STARK 041.7001.08839058PERRET AIX-LES-BAINS (Premium)1800P F17.000VOLLMER 305 
24/06/13 STARK 1000056PRAT CHANTILLY (Premium)1600PHAND. E30.000VOLLMER 305 
21/05/13 STARK 1000057HAMELIN LONGCHAMP (Premium)2000PHAND. E30.000VOLLMER 315 
11/05/13 STARK 042.9001.85666556BOUDOT FONTAINEBLEAU (Premium)1600P D29.000VOLLMER 320 
25/04/13 WIDLOECHER 041.9001.21643657CHAMPENOIS LONGCHAMP (Premium)2000PRECL. F19.000BOUTIN (S) 320 
20/04/13 WIDLOECHER 0600057CHAMPENOIS ARGENTAN (Premium)1950PRECL. G15.000BOUTIN (S) 320 
14/04/13 WIDLOECHER 0700056LEMAIRE LONGCHAMP (Premium)1950PRECL. E27.000BOUTIN (S) 335 
06/04/13 WIDLOECHER 019.5006.0802.18155CHAMPENOIS COMPIEGNE (Premium)2000PRECL. F19.000BOUTIN (S) 345 
26/03/13 WIDLOECHER 023.8002.43287255CHAMPENOIS SAINT-CLOUD (Premium)1600PRECL. F19.000BOUTIN (S) 345 
18/03/13 WIDLOECHER 032.8501.82465456CHAMPENOIS CHANTILLY (Premium)PSF. 2100PRECL. F19.000BOUTIN (S) 365 
14/03/13 WIDLOECHER 023.8002.43287255CHAMPENOIS CHANTILLY (Premium)PSF. 1900PRECL. F19.000BOUTIN (S) 385 
05/03/13 WIDLOECHER 043.4002.17678054CHAMPENOIS CHANTILLY (Premium)PSF. 1900P B34.000BOUTIN (S) 400 
21/02/13 PANDORA STUD LLC 023.2002.04873458BLONDEL MAR.BORELY (Premium)1800PRECL. G16.000DUREPAIRE (S) 400 
07/02/13 PANDORA STUD LLC 0570044816059PASQUIER MAR.BORELY (Premium)2000PRECL. G14.000DUREPAIRE (S) 400 
31/01/13 PANDORA STUD LLC 0600058LERNER CAGNES-SUR-MER (Premium)PSF. 1600PRECL. G17.000DUREPAIRE (S) 415 
10/11/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 038.2506.1872.02158AUGE MAR.BORELY (Premium)1800PListed 55.000DUREPAIRE (S) 415 
01/10/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 0800055CANAL MAIS-LAFFITTE (Premium)1600PRECL. F23.000DUREPAIRE (S)   
11/08/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 034.3503.2621.06556PASQUIER DEAUVILLE (Premium)PSF. 1300P D29.000DUREPAIRE (S)   
20/07/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 034.0503.03799256GUYON VICHY (Premium)1400P D27.000DUREPAIRE (S)   
22/06/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 018.0006.0001.96056CORALLO LA TESTE BUCH (Premium)1200P G16.000DUREPAIRE (S)   
28/05/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 041.6001.20039258BERTRAS SALON PROVENCE (Premium)1100P G16.000DUREPAIRE (S)   
03/05/12 PANDORA STUD LLC 042.2001.65053953CORALLO BDX LE BOUSCAT (Premium)1000P F22.000DUREPAIRE (S)